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2017-05-02 20:03:33 by quintenplague

Heads up, the next game I am working on "THE BOX" deals with pretty touchy topics such as suicide sooo...... heads up when it is released.... it gets pretty dark.

so not long ago I made a podcast with my Development team called the P.O.O.P cast, which is here on Newgrownds. at some point (around 1 hour 30 or so) I started explaining my views on CONTROL, aswell as the meaning/story to it. And also a teaser for big things coming.


I now have a goal. A vision. I know how the game should start, and end. The game is going to be a High score based game, similar to Agario, but nothing like it at all. I am now learning about Procedural Generation. what was a small Project is now slightly bigger, but still doable. I would love some help if you know how to use Unity. 

Life Day one of Development

2016-08-20 02:52:05 by quintenplague

All hope is lost. The end is near. Oh god I see the light. Pappa, don't pull the chains! They're still attached to me! 

Nahh just kidding. I got the basic player movemetns done. I will polish them tomorrow. So here is where I am as far as gameplay:

Puzzle platforming.

You can fly!

Vaporwave asthetic puzles. 

You play as a red Circle who blends in with the background.


I do not have much of a story for the game yet, as it is legit just somthing I am making, and seeing how things progress. It was origionaly supposed to be a platformer with asthetic, similar to 140. I encountered a bug though that let you fly around, and it was so much better. I just had to experiment with it. 


I do not know if the game will be short or long. All I know is that I am making it because I am very bored and have nothing else to do. Tomorrow I will Polish controls, and create sprites for the environment. 

As always, Stay Green. VN


2016-08-19 19:16:49 by quintenplague

So I was inspired by you guys to make somthing just for fun. some of you may not know this, but there is a deep meaning to my video "Lives". I feel like the video displayed it perfectly. The idea of independence, and significance to the world. This game is a similar style artisticaly. but this time it is telling a story through gameplay and visuals. I do not know much about where this game will go, and honestly I am not very sure if it will be good. I just want to make somthing for you guys already :D as soon as i post this, I will get to work on this project for the first time!


2016-08-19 02:17:06 by quintenplague

When you want to make somthing just for the hell of it, on the side of your bigger project, but you realize that you can't because then you'd have to code everything on your own, and animate everything on your own just because you decided to do something on your own. 


2016-06-17 18:51:55 by quintenplague

PROJECT 8 HAS BEEN HARD AT WORK! OUR NEXT GAME: GOOD VIBRATIONS IS OFFICIALLY IN DEVELOPMENT! This game is a tribute to marky mark and his funky bunch... RIP marky mark... the funk will never die.

Fixing things

2016-03-12 18:45:33 by quintenplague

so I decided to go back and fix everything wrong with control. i'm going to delete the current game once the final build is done. I promise you that the final build will be better. not that there is anything wrong with the current build. basicaly what this means is: if you like the current control... You wil LOVE the new control


2016-02-23 23:16:23 by quintenplague

so as you may know. I recently released control. however, what you probably don't know is that i'm completley remaking it AGAIN. this time however, it's gonna be a much bigger game. however, we probably won't get arount to releaseing it for a long time. meanwhile, my team will be working on 2 games:

LOS VATOS:the game!




animators wanted for gone, contact me if interested